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The "Cash is King" model has tremendously changed the real estate market. The last few years drastically are different, and a new way of investing is here to stay for the next few years. This new market has much lower acquisition costs, and to the majority most do not see the opportunity of a lifetime.

Maximizing and optimization of these opportunities in today's real estate market is key.

Real estate investment consultants are only one of the many character traits within this team of professionals. We share understanding and goals because we are real estate investors first and foremost. Many consider us their partners, and many have moved forward to become partners in multiple transactions.

Placing your asset and trust into a team with over 50 years experience in real estate investment management, marketing, and construction is a decision many have engaged for services.

Operating Nationwide - The Cash Flowing USA Investment Organization is excited to unveil our Global access of start up to advanced investors working cooperatively to maximize opportunity efforts for the next 12 months.

Our licensing program attracts many qualified real estate entrepreneurs, allowing for many areas to have local representatives.Please contact us to reach your local representative, and we also invite you to analyze the assess of opportunities though out the United States.

Bank Owned
Distressed Property
Lease Options
Foreclosures and multiple Specialists are available for easy simple accessibility.

Since 1993, Cash Flowing USA organization has successfully performed millions in real estate transactions in both residential and commercial real estate areas.

These relationships built over the years of professional asset management, business services, and real estate investing allow for us to share a multitude of opportunities that one group alone could ever come close to taking advantage of each and every one of them.

As a client you benefit from our relationships of a true investor professional family - you will receive discounted pricing, and pocket listings are normal with our organization which gives the group and clients access prior to public marketing.


has many deals which are OWNER FINANCED or open for JV partnership structures. Rent 2 Own is in this area of investing, and Invest 2 Own is the same system regarding the Commercial division of investing. It's a great why to invest with other people in the real estate industry, as the nature of growth with investors are always providing open doors to those which have the desire to take their business model up a notch.

Growth and financial wealth are attainable goals with the proper team structures and experience. and are real estate experts who can assist you with taking advantage of the rare market conditions in real estate investing. These opportunities are here today for all to participate and enjoy the benefits of real estate wealth and profits.

If you could analyze, negotiate, close and manage every real estate investment property,investing would be easy and simple.

Plus at the same time you could focus on generating ongoing income/cash flow and long term profits, this would be ideal. Our real estate teams are investors and we know what you expect when putting your hard-earned dollars into a real estate asset.

Real Estate Investing has entered a NEW MARKET and Online operational strategy.

TODAY the opportunities have our Teams labeled The 2010 Leaders in The Best Real Estate Investments with diverse income streams available.



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